Frequently Asked Questions

The only condition is permission of the Bishop(s) allowing individual pastors to issue invitations. A sponsoring organization or a committee of individual devotees capable of doing the tour arrangements. Normally the statue goes to a diocese for 21 days. Doing International work, a visit of 1 to 3 weeks per diocese is ideal.

You will need approximately six months to prepare for a successful tour. This may be a one time experience and should be carefully planned. The calendar is filled in the sequence we receive written invitations from Bishops.

The PILGRIM VIRGIN COMMITTEE does the scheduling. A "professional custodian" accompanies the statue itself.

The custodian accompanies the statue every place it goes. He will be the only one to handle the statue. He will be prepared to speak on the Fatima Message and be available to answer questions. Since the purpose of the IPVS visit is to teach the Fatima Message and the custodian specializes in Fatima, the Statue cannot visit a parish unless a 20-25 minute talk can be given by the custodian.

Episcopal permission, in writing for our file, from each diocese which will be visited. Prepare schedule of visits to parishes, shrines, schools, prisons, Monasteries, and special events. A list of "Guidelines" will be provided to the sponsors to help arrange visits in various settings.

First it must be stated that each program is entirely subject to the approval of the pastor. Any materials that may be used or distributed are also entirely subject to the approval of the pastor.

Programs may vary, depending on when the statue arrives in the parish and how long it will remain. Normally an entrance procession and enthronement precedes Holy Mass, preferably in the evening, in which case the statue will remain until the following day.

Fatima is always Eucharistically centered. The full program should include a crowning of the statue (perhaps at the Offertory of the Mass) and consecration to the Sacred Hearts. Either before or after Mass there may be enrollment in the Brown Scapular, recitation of the rosary (perhaps with exposition of the Blessed Sacrament followed by Benediction.) The parish visit may conclude with a Holy Mass, followed by procession of the statue.

All night vigils are recommended, especially for special occasions such as a major feast, First Saturdays, etc. In this event the position of the statue must be secure (to the satisfaction of the custodian).

  • the spreading of the Fatima Message
  • renewal of Marian devotions
  • establishing all night vigils and First Saturday devotions
  • establishing hours of Adoration or Perpetual Adoration
  • enrollment of thousands of people in the brown scapular, helping them to live the Consecration to Mary
  • establishing an ongoing Fatima Apostolate in the parishes

How can I host the Satellite IPVS?

To find out how you can host the International Pilgrim Virgin Statue, please contact:

If you have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact the International Pilgrim Virgin Statue Foundation. God bless you!

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