Miracles of Tears

New Orleans, LA: July 1972

During Her tour of the New Orleans diocese, the statue shed tears on numerous occasions. This was the first time that the press reported widely the miracles of tears from the International Pilgrim Virgin Statue. Although it is known that tears have run from Her glass eyes numerous times before, none of those had gained much attention. This time the press began to report it, large crowds flocked around and even Archbishop Hanann was asked to comment by reporters. He took the statue and had it investigated. That was the first time it was discovered that the moisture was human tears and also the first time photos began to circulate. The statue has shed tears very frequently ever since.

We believe these manifestations of 1972 are related to the tragic legalization of abortion. Abortion was being debated and decided at that time, just before the infamous January 22, 1973 Supreme Court decision.

The miracle of tears is something that is often reported. It happens in more than one way. Frequently, an individual sees the tears on the statue while others at the same time do not. Perhaps this is mystical and not physical. But other times all present see the same thing and the tears can be wiped away causing dampness on the cloth. This then is a physical miracle. Regarding the number of times it has occurred, most go undocumented, and almost all go without publicity. Therefore, although we know it has shed tears dozens, and probably hundreds of times, only a few have been published. (We have photos of the statue crying July 24, 1995, in Highland, IN.)